Created by a practitioner for practitioners, Pentacaster is a pentacle in your pocket. Whether you’re a witch, a mage, RHP, LHP, into Chaos Magick, an adherent to the Golden Dawn or OTO … or you want to spook your friends, or just love the regularity of a pentacle, this app brings an old and often-misunderstood symbol into the 21st Century.
Set the line color to a value corresponding to your work, or a color you like.
Tap the pentacle to invert it; tap again to set it back.
Android — coming soon!
Tap the drawer pane to get to the settings.
Use the sliders to set the pentacle drawing speed and trail brightness.
Use the elemental signs — Fire, Air, Water, and Earth — to invoke (plus row) or banish (minus row).
Use the slow speed to assist in visualization or meditative focus. Use the higher speeds to increase the charge you build. Fascinate your pets and annoy your co-workers! Pentacaster does it all. The next time you want to perform the LBRP — or the next time you’re playing Magic: The Gathering — make Pentacaster a part of it! It’s what all the cool magickians are doing.